English Introduction of Sakura Seitaiさくら整体院(奈良県奈良市)骨盤矯正ダイエット in 整体

Body Balance & Innate Intelligence - Sakura Seitai
2-1-6 Omiya Town Nara City Nara Prefecture Japan
Yamao Dental Clinic Building 3F
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Our Services
・Chronic Back pain
・Acute Back pain
・Neck shoulder syndrom
・Hip joint syndrome
・Knee pain
・General weakness
・Autonomic nerve imbalance
・Period pain etc.
Office Hours
OPEN 10:00〜22:00
(Closing reception time is 20:00)
CLOSE Tuesday and Wendnesday
Treatment Fees
Examination fee is Free
80 Minutes - 8000yen
50 Minutes - 5000yen
30 Minutes - 3000yen
It's a 3-minute walk from the JR Nara station.
Sakura Seitai Method
Seitai is a method that activates the natural healing power of the body by determining the source of a problem and thereafter applying the appropriate Seitai technique.

Seitai is different from Chiropractic work because it never involves direct hands-on adjustments of the skeleton.

Further to this, Seitai uses methods different from massage, taking into account the entire muscle structure and origin-insertion of the muscle ultimately creating a unique and wonderful therapeutic Chiro-technique.

さくら整体院 ∞ 骨盤矯正ダイエット in 整体